BCCkids - EnrollEnrollment is open to any child birth through twelve years of age.  Equal treatment and service will be available to each child without regard to race, gender, national origin or religion.







The following items are needed for enrollment:

  • Completed Child Information Record
  • Health appraisal form with up-to-date immunizations (infants, toddlers and preschool only)
  • Signed statement of good health and up-to-date immunizations (school age only)
  • Signed consent form for the following: taking walks in surrounding area; photograph release; infant food sign-off (if applicable)
  • Signed contract
  • Registration form with $45 nonrefundable registration fee
  • Deposit equal to one week’s tuition.

In addition to the above, GSRP applicants must submit the following for enrollment:

  • Completed Birth to Five Service Application
  • Income verification (W-2; first page of 1040; month’s worth of pay stubs)
  • Birth certificate